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NETH PRIERE CAINへのインタビュー [日本語] Shi Wo Eru Imi has disbanded

An interview with NETH PRIERE CAIN

Today we have an interview with NETH PRIERE CAIN.

The band formed in August 2018, under Double River Record, at the same time as i.D.A. The band has graciously agreed to reveal a bit about themselves...

⚠ 日本語版へこちら。

  • Please introduce yourselves.

    • V. Itsuki (樹): I'm vocalist Itsuki...
    • G. Syuri (珠璃): My name is Syuri!
    • B. Chigusa (千草): I'm the bassist Chigusa.
    • D. Kenji (剣路): I'm the drummer Kenpi (けんぴ) 🥁
V. Itsuki
V. Itsuki
  • How did the band form?

    The story of our formation is that, praying at the moment before death, we four people were brought together...

  • What is the band's concept?

    There's no concept...

    We're saying everything through our prayers onstage...

  • How would you describe the band's style?

    We're heirs of the ancients...

    We want to pass down the halcyon days forever...

G. Syuri
G. Syuri
  • Which is your favorite song to perform, and why?

    Itsuki (樹): It's Thanatos-Chiriyuku Hana- (Thanatos-散りゆく華-), because it feels good to sing...

    Syuri (珠璃): They're all pulled from my life, so I like them all.

    Chigusa (千草): It's HOUZUKI (ホオヅキ). It's fun to watch everyone have fun during lives!

    Kenji (剣路): KINSENKA (キンセンカ) because I really like the guitar solo 😘

  • Why did you choose to join a VK band?

    Itsuki (樹): I've loved VK for a long time, and there are lots of things I couldn't express without it. No matter how obsolete it becomes, I want to do VK...

    Syuri (珠璃): This music genre is unique to Japan! I want to spread this wonderful culture more!

    Chigusa (千草): I really love this genre, and I want the next generation to know the coolness of this genre!

    Kenji (剣路): I fell in love at first sight with the unusual costumes, the makeup, the performances 🕺 Songs with the VK world view can only exist in VK

B. Chigusa
B. Chigusa
  • How do you balance your daily life with band activities?

    Hm? Band activity is our daily life.

  • You recently reached your 1st anniversary. How did you change in that first year?

    We're proud of how we've continuously evolved. At this rate, no one can surpass us.

  • What is your band's next goal?

    To become even closer to God...

  • i.D.A formed at the same time as NETH PRIERE CAIN. Is there a friendly rivalry between you?

    They're our brothers, but also our enemies... We will never lose to them...

D. Kenji
D. Kenji
  • Please tell us about your latest release. What are you proud of with that release?

    On March 11th, we release our third single, Hito Yue, Hito Negau。 (人故、人願う。). It's imbued with the message that God won't forget you, no matter how far you stray... All of the songs have a soulful message.

  • Finally, please give a message from each member.

    Itsuki (樹): Thank you for reading until the end... We want to be active across the world someday...

    Syuri (珠璃): hahhahhaー! :D :D :D

    Chigusa (千草): Thanks for reading. I hope to meet people from countries other than Japan someday!

    Kenji (剣路): Thanks for checking us out 🙏 If you're interested in seeing us, please try your best to go to a live 🏃‍♀


On May 29th at Nagoya (名古屋) ell.SIZE, and on June 2nd at Sugamo (巣鴨) Shishio (獅子王), NETH PRIERE CAIN will hold two oneman live performances.

Their new single will be released in two types on March 11th.

Hito Yue, Hito Negau。 (人故、人願う。 Type A)
  1. 「Anemone」-hakanai negai- (「アネモネ」-儚い願い-)
  2. Aphrodite
  3. 【DVD】
  4. 「Anemone」-hakanai negai- (MV) (「アネモネ」-儚い願い- (MV))
Preorder at CDJapan
Hito Yue, Hito Negau。 (人故、人願う。 Type B)
  1. 「Anemone」-hakanai negai- (「アネモネ」-儚い願い-)
  2. 「Higanbana」 (「ヒガンバナ」)
  3. 「Datura」 (「ダチュラ」)
Preorder at CDJapan

Huge thanks to NETH PRIERE CAIN and Double River Record for allowing us to do this interview!

Thanks to BRENGUN and a nice Twitter user for coordination and translation.



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girls be shopping, bandmen be praying

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A+ content here. Been wanting to learn more about them since I've heard a few songs.

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NETH PRIERE CAINへのインタビュー [日本語] Shi Wo Eru Imi has disbanded