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An interview with CLACK inc.


Today we have an interview with CLACK inc..

The band formed in 2017, with a corporation-like image. Their lineup was mostly made up of support “agents”, and changed several times. Most recently, they gained 3 new agents, and finally reached an all-official lineup. They've graciously agreed to talk a little bit about that change.

⚠ 日本語版へこちら。

  • Please introduce each member.

Voice. TAKERU (武翔): I am vocalist TAKERU (武翔). I have a hard time saving up money.

6st[R]&Compose. ARMA (アルマ): I'm guitarist ARMA (アルマ). I used to be the one in charge of composing—we’ll be composing together from now on, so I’ll have to find something else that I can claim to be solely responsible for.

6st[L]. +Yu (+悠): I'm guitarist +Yu (+悠). The “+” isn't pronounced, so please read my name as “Yuu.”

4st. Avel: I’m bassist Avel. I just joined CLACK inc. I am honored to have the opportunity to participate in this interview.

Beat. Kenbo (けんぼー): I’m the new drummer Kenbo (けんぼー).

CLACK inc.CLACK inc.Doku, Doku。毒、ドク。 B-TYPEB-TYPE
  1. Doku, Doku。 (毒、ドク。)
  2. Insomnia (インソムニア)
  3. Ichigeki (一撃)
  • How did the band form, and how did you reach this lineup?

ARMA (アルマ): TAKERU (武翔) and I were the two main people who started it. We’ve known all of the other members, and gradually we got in contact with them. Each person was eventually invited to join CLACK inc..

  • Please explain the band’s concept, and the meaning of the name CLACK inc..

TAKERU (武翔): The band name doesn’t have a particular meaning. We used the word “clack” because it sounds good, and we added “inc.” to give the vibe of a company.



  • What makes CLACK inc. unique? What are the band’s strong points?

ARMA (アルマ): Of course we’re confident in our songs; that’s our members’ character. On stage, each of us is armed with talents unique to us.

  • Which song is your favorite to perform, and why?

TAKERU (武翔): HATE is fun to sing. The verse is Japanese rap style, so please take a listen.

ARMA (アルマ): Yokuto (欲執). The riff is kinky, so it's fun to play.

+Yu (+悠): It's HATE. It’s my guitar solo, and the chorus is comfortable to sing along with.

Avel: It's NOROSHI. The opening bass solo is fun.

Kenbo (けんぼー): Yokuto (欲執) and Ichigeki (一撃). Yokuto (欲執) fits my own style, and Ichigeki (一撃) is a challenging song to play.

  • How did you become interested in VK?

TAKERU (武翔): I actually didn’t know much of VK in the past, but I liked certain band members and the environment around them. I stepped into VK little by little, and before I knew it I had stepped in completely.

ARMA (アルマ): Somehow it was around me. It felt if I put on make-up that I could do any kind of music.

+Yu (+悠): My sister liked LUNA SEA, so their MV's and lives were played all the time at home. After seeing them over and over again, I started to want to play the guitar too.

Avel: I was invited to play in a visual kei band. Before I made my decision, I listened to songs of various bands and I was hooked by it.

Kenbo (けんぼー): The bands I like just happen to be visual kei bands.



  • Why is CLACK inc. a VK band? Is there some aspect of the band which can only be expressed through VK?

ARMA (アルマ): With makeup, you can do any kind of music. You can feel a band’s music just by looking at their image. It’s interesting: the impression of a song can even change depending on the appearance of the members.

G. +YU

G. +YU

  • Two members of the band speak English fluently. Has that been a useful tool?

TAKERU (武翔): It makes us look intelligent and cool. Emphasis on “look.”

ARMA (アルマ): It's easier to reach out to overseas fans. Even if I can't speak English myself, it's still fun to experience it! It's another pleasure in my life.

+Yu (+悠): The biggest benefit is that, from 2020 on, we can share CLACK inc.'s words to countries other than Japan.

Avel: It's important to understand exactly what overseas fans want to tell us. Japanese is a completely different language, so sometimes it's hard to understand the meaning of the words that were sent by using a translation app.

Kenbo (けんぼー): Only being able to talk to Japanese people is a waste; being able to communicate with various fans around the world is a very handy tool that we should use.

CLACK inc.CLACK inc.Yoru, Okujou。夜、屋上。 B-TYPEB-TYPE
  1. Yoru, Okujou。 (夜、屋上。)
  2. Shibousuiteijikoku 2~3ji (死亡推定時刻2~3時、性別女性)
  • Recently, your support members became official members. How has this affected the band? Is the band very different compared to when it first formed?

ARMA (アルマ): Now that they’ve joined, it feels totally different compared to when we started activity.

Audiences have accepted us easily, so we haven't had to focus much. Since becoming this current lineup, we've felt a great balance that is difficult to put into words. Just by human nature we've spontaneously fallen into certain roles.

  • Please tell us about your latest release. Were there any challenges or triumphs with making this release?

ARMA (アルマ): Our new single will be released on March 24th. The CD will only be sold in Japan for now, but we’re trying to figure out different delivery methods. The song is slightly immature; something you haven't heard yet from CLACK inc.

B. Avel

B. Avel

  • What has been your biggest challenge as a band so far?

ARMA (アルマ): Plainly, member changes have been our biggest challenge. We’ve had many meetings and partings, and our band level has been reset; now, I want to break through that level.

  • How do you see the band’s future? What are your goals?

ARMA (アルマ): We want a band where everyone continues without overdoing it. Each of us is an experienced musician, so I’m looking forward to what we can do. In the near future we will hold birthday fests for each member!

D. Kenbo

D. Kenbo

  • Please give a final message from each member.

TAKERU (武翔): I seriously can’t save money. Why not? I don’t waste it, but I can’t seem to save it. Please tell me how I can save money.

ARMA (アルマ): I don’t know if this interview will catch your attention, but if it made you interested in us, please try our music.

+Yu (+悠): In 2020 we finally became five official members, so we’ll be releasing various CDs. With our new members Kenbo (けんぼー) and Avel, we’ll use their language skills to transmit our voice to overseas fans. Please look forward to CLACK inc.’s activity.

Avel: Thank you for reading until the very end! You are also a member of the agents!

Kenbo (けんぼー): I think that songs these days don’t have as much significance, but the music of CLACK inc. has its own charm that isn’t influenced by the mainstream. So by all means, please get hooked by our music. We definitely want our music to be more well-known overseas, so I would appreciate it if you could recommend us to others!

CLACK inc.

CLACK inc.

  • On March 24th, we will hold ARMA (アルマ)'s birthday fest. On that day we’ll release a new song as a live-limited CD. We might release that song digitally, which would make it easy for overseas fans to get.

There will be plenty of more announcements coming up. Please follow us on Twitter and check our website for the newest news!

To CLACK inc., thank you so much for allowing us to do this interview!

Thanks to @Ryu (contact with the band), @jae_agent33399 (for question ideas), jonas, and Kenbo (けんぼー) himself for help.

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An interview with CLACK inc.

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