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An interview with BURGUNDY RAIN


Today we have a short interview with BURGUNDY RAIN, a non-VK band who has some VK connections.

Today we have a short interview with BURGUNDY RAIN, a non-VK band who has some VK connections.

They're a very new band that formed just last year, and have only played a couple of lives. However, the members have been playing music for a long time, so there's an interesting mix of perspectives.

⚠ 日本語版へこちら。

⚠ Traducción Español (PDF)

  • Please introduce each member.

  • VOCAL: Daisuke (D輔)

  • GUITAR: Junichi

  • BASS: Yohei


  • Please tell us how you formed.

Junichi: I wanted to create an uncool band, however lately we are turning in getting a little bit more cool, pitiful.

  • What is the concept of the band? What does the band name BURGUNDY RAIN mean?

Junichi: Our band doesn't have a concept. Also the name BURGUNDY RAIN doesn't include any meaning. Recently, I'd like to change the band name to SHIWASHIWA KINKA (シワシワ金貨), so I will propose it at the next band meeting.

  • What makes BURGUNDY RAIN unique? What are the band’s strong points?

Daisuke (D輔): Although our formation was basic, I think that each member has an individual strength.

Junichi: We don't have any. And that's our strength.

  • Do you consider BURGUNDY RAIN to be VK? Why or why not?

Daisuke (D輔): To me we aren't Visual Kei. However the listener can decide for themselves if we are or not.

Junichi: I cannot answer because the definition of Visual Kei is different between Japan, Europe and the United States. I have never said the word Visual Kei.

  • How do you feel about VK in general?

Daisuke (D輔): Bands have become cute these days.

Junichi: I have never seen a basic VK band. Every band I know is a great band.

  • How does this band compared to the members’ previous bands?

Daisuke (D輔): Everyone has wildly unpredictable behavior. I don’t know how they survive. But it’s not bad.

Junichi: Before this, I did a band in Spain. Some of my bandmates back then refused to shower, so studio rehearsal always smelled so bad.

  • You’re a newer band with only 2 lives and 1 MV. What are the challenges of starting activities for a brand new band?

Daisuke (D輔): I don't have any interest in a challenge; I want to have fun at my own pace.

Junichi: No sex or masturbation before the live. Then you can have a good live. We have been doing this since 2001 and want to continue.

  • Could you also tell us a little bit more about making this MV?

Daisuke (D輔): I'm glad that many people have listened to it. 「OVER AGAIN」 was the first song we created all together, So that's why I wanted that it would be the first released song.

The recording and the main vocals were recorded in only two takes. But the first "Cha~" was re-recorded my times. It's awkward where you put your own strength.

Junichi: I don't care about it at all.

  • What’s your next step as a band? How do you see the band’s future?

Daisuke (D輔): We don't know yet, we will just make a new song and then shape it, until it turns into a new release.

Junichi: I want to release something this year. That's all I can say now.

  • Please give a final message from each member.

Daisuke (D輔): BURGUNDY RAIN just started. Please support us even if we are an own pace band.

Junichi: The Civil Law of Japan has been changed.

Their next live is on May 27th, at Ikebukuro CHOP.

Thank you to BURGUNDY RAIN for this opportunity, and special thanks to Junichi for setting it up.

We’d also like to apologize to the band for mistakenly posting this later than planned. Sorry to BURGUNDY RAIN and anyone who was waiting to read it. Thanks for your support.

Thanks to @Ryu and @EVENOR for help.



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An interview with BURGUNDY RAIN

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I enjoyed reading it! Junichi's blunt answers made me chuckle.