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JACK+MW announces plans for their tour final and details their next event [PR] SIGMA MEMORIA new maxi-single: “Fairy Tale”

-Aika- new lyric video: “DAMAGE A-306=D-106 (Ver.2019)”

-Aika- has released a new lyric video, celebrating his 20th anniversary.

DAMAGE A-306=D-106 (Ver.2019) was released on June 13th.

This song was originally recorded by R.A.I.D. , which was a short-lived band signed to Anarchist Records. They were featured on a couple omnibuses and put out at least one demo-tape (a recent discovery via Puresound!). In total, R.A.I.D. lasted just over a year and then became WERKMARE shortly after.

This version of the song features instrumentals all done by Aika himself, but it is unclear if the lyrics are different from the original version.

When I asked him about the release date about the original version of this song, he said he was remaking it for his 20th anniversary and kind of implied that there may be more releases coming, but nothing else is on the radar yet.

Additionally, Aika participated in a revival show of RODWELL (ロドウェル) back on June 1st. Pretty neat!


  1. DAMAGE A-306=D-106 (Ver.2019) (Lyric Video)DAMAGE A-306=D-106 (Ver.2019) (Lyric Video)


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