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5 days remain in Kebyo's crowdfunding campaign for their first live DVD!


Kebyo (仮病) is currently running a crowdfunding campaign chock full of exclusive items to finance their first live DVD!

The band is set to take their next large step with a oneman at the Shinjuku (新宿) BLAZE livehouse. (The live was initially planned for May 8th but has been postponed to July 12th due to emergency orders.)

The oneman, Kebyo ga Shinda Hi (仮病が死んだ日), is sure to be a watershed moment for the band, and so they've planned to record and release it on DVD. To support the production costs of this DVD, they started a crowdfunding campaign via CAMPIRE last month.

As of this article, 5 days remain!

Kebyo (仮病) group photo

Kebyo (仮病) group photo

The reward tiers are organized as several ambitious “sets”. The smallest set includes a behind-the-scenes DVD, while the largest set includes the actual live DVD and new CD.

In between those are five cheki sets. Each of these cheki sets includes 10 individual cheki of a specified member. (In these cheki, the members will be wearing sailor uniforms which they had planned to wear during the May 8th live. Since that live was postponed, the sailor uniforms have been “lost”.)

To complicate things, each cheki set can be purchased multiple times, and there are additional privileges when you purchase a set 5 times. (Or in the case of the vocalist, 10 times.)

As an example, if you wanted the signed cheki of the vocalist, you would have to buy his set 1 time. If you wanted his comment video, you would have to buy his set 2 times (and you would also get the signed cheki).

It's complicated (and huge thanks to @cultic for helping me understand it), so read carefully to make sure you get the correct reward!

Simple Sets

Kebyo Prescription Set (仮病 処方箋セット) 【4,500 yen】

  • DVD-R with behind-the-scenes footage from the day of the live + live footage with members explanatory comments over top + the members' comments after the live
  • 1 group cheki from the day of the live
Kebyo仮病Uragawa DVD裏側DVD
  1. (behind-the-scenes footage from 2021-07-12)
  2. (live footage with the members' explanation overtop)
  3. (comment from after the live)

Kebyo Medical Certificate Set (仮病 診断書セット) 【8,500 yen】

  • Live DVD of the band's 2021-07-12 performance
  • CD-R with the songs Kansen (感染) and Call me.

Cheki Sets (5,000 yen per set)

Cheki Set -Watanuki Miyuki- (チェキセット-四月一日 御幸-)

  • 【each set】 10 cheki of V. Watanuki Miyuki (四月一日 御幸) in sailor uniform
  • 【first set only】 1 additional signed cheki
  • 【if buying 2 sets】 a comment video thanking you
  • 【if buying 5 sets】 a handwritten letter
  • 【if buying 10 sets】 CD-R with the exclusive song Kirakira (きらきら)
  1. Kirakira (きらきら)

Cheki Set -Hinagiku Hina- (チェキセット-雛菊 雛-)

  • 【each set】 10 cheki of G. Hinagiku Hina (雛菊 雛) in sailor uniform
  • 【first set only】 CD-R with an exclusive solo song under the name Hinachi (ひなち)
  • 【if buying 5 sets】 the above + handwritten letter + CD-R with a different Hinachi (ひなち) solo song

Cheki Set -Handa Ichiyou- (チェキセット-半田 ヰ夂葉-)

  • 【each set】 10 cheki of G. Handa Ichiyou (半田 ヰ夂葉) in sailor uniform
  • 【first set only】 1 random signed photo (of 5 possible)
  • 【if buying 5 sets】 all 5 signed photos + a movie emailed to you of the members explaining their new song Kansen (感染)

Cheki Set -Yumeguni Fumiya- (チェキセット-夢国 文弥-)

  • 【each set】 10 cheki of B. Yumeguni Fumiya (夢国 文弥) in sailor uniform
  • 【first set only】 1 random signed photo (of 5 possible)
  • 【if buying 5 sets】 all 5 signed photos + a video call over Instagram

Cheki Set -Yotsutsuji Utsuke- (チェキセット-四ツ辻 鬱気-)

  • 【each set】 10 cheki of D. Yotsutsuji Utsuke (四ツ辻 鬱気) in sailor uniform
  • 【first set only】 pin badge with a design of his drumhead printed on it
  • 【if buying 5 sets】 the above + a digest clip with his comment and footage of the live from the angle of his drums

Shinjuku BLAZE flyer

Shinjuku BLAZE flyer

On another note, at the band's July 12th oneman, those who purchase the 4,000 yen S tickets will receive a DVD documenting the band's road to the live + a CD with an unspecified song + a signed poster.

Kebyo仮病Shinjuku BLAZE e no Machi新宿BLAZEへの街
  1. (documentary footage leading up to the 2021-07-12 live)

Good luck Kebyo (仮病) fans!

➡ crowdfunding campaign at CAMPIRE


➡ crowdfunding campaign at CAMPIRE


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