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User submitted tags

  • scenes
    kote keiコテ系
    • Looks: dark, excessive, garish, fetish, otherworldly, gothic. Sounds: speedy, messy, violent, dramatic.
    koteosa keiコテオサ系
    • Looks: gaudy, colorful, but unsettling. Sound: ironic pop-rock or vkei-inspired rock; tailored for lives. Active: '02~'07.
    shiro kei白系
    • Looks: feminine, white materials, beauty makeup. Sounds: melodic, pleasant vocals, inoffensive instrumentation.
    soft visualソフビ
    • Looks: inoffensive '90s fashion; little makeup. Sounds: digestible pop rock. Active: '95~'02.
  • sounds like
    • Music that is more rock than pop; favors instrumentation.
  • other tags
    • Certain brand of symphonic metal as espoused by user Shadow.
    • Representative of the “good old days” according to the user; usually introductory bands to a genre.
    • Considered by users to have too little recognition compared to their talent.
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